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Cons to Buying a Home Without a Realtor

July 10, 2022

Buying a home is always going to be expensive and we understand that it can be tempting to try to save money by not using one of the real estate agents in Columbus GA when house hunting. However, we also know the work involved in buying a home and we think you’ll soon realize the money saved may not be worth it and there’s the reality that you may actually end up paying more in the long run. Here are some other cons to going it alone:

  • You could miss out on your dream home. You may think all of the homes are listed on websites and other locations, but you may be surprised to know that agents have access to homes that haven’t officially been listed yet. If they know of such a home that would perfectly fit your needs, they can get you in early, potentially making the process faster.
  • They understand the industry better. While you may be able to access a lot of information online, an agent has additional information through the MLS portal that you won’t see. They are also knowledgeable about the neighborhoods you’re looking at and know which ones are on the rise and which ones are fading. They can point out warning signs that you may not pick up on and they know what is a reasonable price.
  • You could overpay. As pointed out, agents know what a reasonable price is for a home in various neighborhoods. They know if a house is listed too high. They are also there to make sure you get a full inspection and appraisal to make sure there aren’t any hidden costs that will show up in the form of costly repair work. What looks like a dream home could turn into a money pit, and an agent can help you recognize such a situation.
  • The process is overwhelming. The reality is that buying a new home is challenging. Agents have both experience and information that makes the process move more smoothly. In addition, they take care of a lot of the behind the scenes paperwork, while also making sure your paperwork and planning is at the point it should be.
  • Negotiating is challenging. Most people aren’t used to negotiating on prices, especially expensive items like a home. Think of how frustrating negotiating the price of a car can be and then increase that difficulty, especially if you’re up against other potential buyers. An experienced Realtor knows how to make a competitive offer that may be below the asking price, helping you get the best deal possible. Without your own agent, you’re up against an experienced agent who will make the most of your inexperience.
  • You may need to hire a lawyer. Without an agent, there’s always the risk that things will go wrong and you’ll need to seek legal advice, which will certainly cost you money. The legal costs will be on you, not the seller.

So, you see how much work and expertise real estate agents in Columbus GA bring to the table when it comes to helping people buy their new homes. Buying a home is still challenging, but with an agent to help, you’ll likely have a more positive experience and get a great home at a good price at the end of the process.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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