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Clever Tips for Organizing Your Craft Room

May 26, 2018

A popular feature in many Midland GA homes is a dedicated crafting space. Whether you have an entire room to devote to your hobby or just a corner of the dining area, here are some tips to keep it organized:

  • Begin by taking stock of what you have. Group like items together and get rid of anything you will no longer use. Now think about the best way to store those items. Fabric can be folded and stored in drawers or in decorative boxes on open shelves. Rolls of ribbon can be placed on dowel rods resting on hooks in the wall.
  • Keep the most frequently used items in an easily accessible location, such as in a decorative box within reach of your chair. Rarely used items can be stored on the highest shelves or lowest drawers.
  • If you don’t have a permanent crafting location, try storing your supplies in a wheeled drawer unit. Stash it in a closet when not in use, and roll it to your work area when needed.
  • The family room entertainment center can be a great place to store craft items if you don’t have a large media collection.
  • If you do your crafting in a guest bedroom, you probably want to be able to store your supplies where they don’t clutter the room when you have visitors. Repurpose an armoire, add shelves to the closet, use the dresser drawers or purchase under-bed storage containers. Just be sure to leave room for your guests’ belongings!
  • Dining rooms can be ideal crafting spaces because of the large work surface provided by the table. Repurpose a china hutch for craft supplies. Cover the insides of glass doors with frosted contact paper or sheer fabric to reduce the visual clutter of the items inside.
  • Kitchen pantry cupboards can similarly be repurposed to take advantage of the nearby workspace on the table, island or countertops.
  • In a home office, dedicate a filing cabinet to craft supplies. You can even label each drawer to help you remember what’s inside.

If you’d love to find a new home with a dedicated craft room, contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty at 706-257-1776 and ask to see their listings of Midland GA homes.

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