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Christmas Entryway Decorating Ideas

December 11, 2021

Plenty of homes in Columbus GA feature a separate entryway that provides a buffer from the rest of the home. Not only does this help limit mess tracked in, it also provides extra privacy for the main living area, and it also gives you a chance to create a warm, welcoming area for anyone coming into the home, even you and your family! So consider adding some holiday decor to your entry for some added cheer.

The great thing about an entryway is that it doesn’t take much to decorate it. A few items go a long way. For example, if you have chair rail running along a wall in the entry, pin up some garland along it and maybe add the occasional tree bauble. If you don’t have railing, you can drape the garland along the back of an entry table and add a few special candle holders, a couple of bottle brush trees, or other simple decorations. You don’t need to overwhelm the table.

Another simple but festive idea is to get a pair of taller nutcracker dolls to stand sentry beside the entry table or on each side of the hallway if there’s a defined area that leads to the rest of the home. They could also stand next to the doorway of a home office or dining room that may be located just off the entry.

There’s nothing that says  you have to keep the decorations simple, though. If you have the room, why not include a tree! Even if you prefer natural trees and family decorations for your main tree, you can go with a theme for an entryway tree and even go with a more eye-catching fake tree. Some are rainbow colored, or you can go with a white tree or a silver tree and decorate with a specific color theme in mind or with specific themed decorations. Go for grand elegance with a unified color scheme and decorations or have fun and turn it into a tree representing family memories or interests for the year.

Alternatively, if you want something a little smaller, consider a decorative sleigh or sled that can be filled with “presents” and fresh pine tree cuttings, and maybe some bows.

If you have stairs in your entry, they can be a great item to decorate. However, if you have family or friends who will be visiting who may be disabled and need a solid grip on the handrail, skip the decorations on the railing and consider adding some decorative figures on the edge of the stairs, out of the way. If you can decorate the railing, garland is always popular, especially entwined with lights and either some ribbons or you can find clip-on fabric poinsettia flowers in red and white that add a pretty contrast.

If you have a bench or chair in your entry, consider some festive throw blankets and pillows. You can choose more graphic prints with snowflakes and reindeer or keep it simple with tartans and wooly red and green pillows. If you have a nice Christmas print or photo, consider changing out your entryway artwork for the season.

The entryway is a place to have some fun with your decorations if you want. A large teddy bear in a Santa hat is certainly a warm welcome, but an elegant wreath of red berries and an arrangement of lanterns with candles by a table or bench can be just as charming. Choose what is right for your homes in Columbus GA. Whatever you choose is sure to put a festive smile on your face each time you see it.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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