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Checklist for Your First Night in Your New Home

June 19, 2015

23385143_SIf you are your family are in the process of moving to one of the beautiful homes in Columbus, GA you may be thinking about what you should have readily available for your first night in your new home. Here’s a list of the basics you may need to pack on your truck last so you will have them ready for your first night.

The Basics

Pack bedding for the whole family including sheets, blankets and pillows. Depending on when you arrive to your new house you may be ready to fall into bed. You will also want to have work clothing, cleaning supplies, trash bags, flash light, small tool box, medications, First Aid Kit, etc. handy to do some light cleaning before you start moving your belongings into your new home.

The Food

Depending on your family all you may need is a talk-out menu to satisfy everyone in the house. If you have infant and/or toddlers you may need to bring along formula, toddler friendly meals, etc. If you plan on packing a cooler be sure to have paper plates, napkins and plastic ware on hand. If this is your first home you may want to bring along the champagne and celebrate your big purchase.

The Kids

Make sure that you have easy access to your children’s pajamas, clothing, shoes, games, etc. So children need special items to help make sleep time easier like their favorite stuffed animal, blanket or pacifier.

The Pets

For your furry family members you will want to keep their food, bowls, medication, collar and leash in a container that is easily found. Have some comfort toys on hand for your pets to help your pet through this possibly stressful time.

The Toiletries

The necessities! You will also want to keep your hygiene items for the bathroom like tooth brush, tooth paste, soaps, and shampoos handy. Don’t forget to bring a shower curtain, towels and toilet paper.

The Documents

It is always a good idea to have certain documents close by. Keep a folder or a notebook handy that contains your HUD statement, other closing papers, as well as various forms of identification.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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