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Change of Address Checklist: Who to Notify Before and After Your Move

November 20, 2015

Happy Young Couple Moving HouseAre you moving to one of the beautiful new homes for sale in Fortson, GA. If you are thinking of moving or in the process there are a lot of things to consider besides packing and reserving the truck. Changing your address may be the last thing on your mind. Here is a list that will help you prioritize which companies to notify before and after your move.

The first and most important change of address you need to make is with the United States Postal Service. You can do this online at or at your nearby post office.

Before the Move

Notify these companies of your change of address before your move so that they can transfer your services to your new home.

  • Electric and Gas company
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Trash and Waste
  • Telephone
  • Cable and/or Satellite
  • Pest control
  • Home security

After the Move

You will need to change your address with these important government agencies following your move.

Government Agencies

Financial Institutions 

  • Banks/Credit unions including credit card companies
  • Investment brokers
  • Lenders (automotive, home, personal, etc.)
  • Credit reporting agencies

Now that the government and bill collectors know your new address you will also want to let the following to know as well.

  • Medical (doctor, dentist, optometrist, pharmacy, insurance company, etc.)
  • Automotive/Medical insurance companies
  • Professional Associations (clubs, church, etc.)
  • Licensing and Certification boards
  • Schools and Daycare
  • Magazine and Newspaper subscriptions
  • Friends and family

Keeping these recommendations in mind will help to ensure your mail, utilities, etc. will be ready to go for your move into one of the beautiful homes for sale in Fortson, GA.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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