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How to Use Color to Sell Your Home

Buyers love new homes in Columbus GA because they offer a chance to decorate a home from scratch. But what about houses that have been around for years? They often express the personalities of their previous owners–maybe a little too... View Article

Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home

Most existing homes in Fortson GA could use some improvements before they’re put on the market. Whether it’s a quick paint touch-up or a large-scale makeover, making your home look its best will help it sell faster. Here are some... View Article

How to Design the Bedroom of Your Dreams

One of the most enjoyable aspects of decorating homes in Phenix City AL or any other town is the opportunity to create a bedroom retreat. The bedroom should be physically relaxing, visually soothing, and should reflect who you are at... View Article

Upcoming Decorating Trends in 2018

One of the joys of owning a home is decorating it to keep up with current styles. Columbus GA realtors and designers are looking ahead to the top decorating trends of 2018 so they can help homebuyers put their own... View Article

How to Make Your New Home Chic & Stylish

It’s easy to go overboard when decorating your Columbus GA new home and end up with a messy, cluttered looking space. Here are some tips on how to avoid common decorating mistakes, so your home can look chic and stylish... View Article

Granite or Quartz Countertops?

Granite and Quartz counter tops are very popular but what is the best option for you? If you are looking at the beautiful homes for sale in Upatoi, GA you may be asking your self that same question. Usually the... View Article

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Important Considerations for Buying Your Dream Home

Everyone’s dream home is different, but when it comes to finding your personal dream home, choosing one of our Realtors... View Article

Realtor Profile: Julie Hollingsead

The relationship that you build with your Realtor in Columbus GA is an important one. After all, you will be... View Article

What to Know About Buying/Selling During the Holidays

No matter where you live, when it comes to buying and selling a home during the winter holidays, things become... View Article

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