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How to Brighten Your Front Door for Spring

March 12, 2016

11761852_SAre you in the market to buy one of the homes for sale in Hamilton GA? If you’re in the process of selling your current home, it’s important to focus on curb appeal to attract potential buyers.

One way to do that is to brighten up your front door with some Spring and/or Easter decorations. The following ideas are perfect for those of you who enjoy DIY craft projects.

Paper Spring Wreath – Adorn your front door with a handmade wreath made out of pastel colored scrapbooking paper and a large cardboard wreath-sized circle. Start by cutting the paper into 2” x 6” squares. Then, roll (with one corner sticking out the top) each square to mimic petals and tape or glue each roll to secure. Starting around the outer edge of the cardboard, hot glue the rolled squares to the circle, and continue working in a circular pattern until you’ve reached the middle. For best results, use large squares around the edges and smaller squares as you get closer to the middle.

Easter Egg Garland – Welcome guests to your home with this clever garland made from cardboard eggs. To make the decoration, cut egg shapes from thick white cardstock and then paint stripes across each egg. Hold the individual eggs upright to allow the paint to drip down into a cool pattern. Once dry, attach eggs along a length of string and hang on your door.

Flower Wreath – Hot glue one to three-inch wide faux flowers to an old picture frame. Braid thick strips of cloth together to use as a hanger. For an extra festive look, decorate the hook on the door with extra flowers before hanging the wreath.

Spring Yarn Wreath – Wrap multiple colors of worsted-weight yarn around a foam wreath. Hot glue the yarn end of each color to the wreath, and make sure to wrap the yarn tightly so the form doesn’t show through. When you’re done wrapping, hot glue other accents like faux flowers to the wreath, add a ribbon and hang.

Spring Watering Can with Flowers – Hit up local flea markets or garage sales to find a rustic watering can. Then put floral foam in the bottom of the can and fill it with fresh pink tulips, greenery and pastel blue eggshells for a pretty spring door decoration. Hint: Keep the flowers fresh by putting the stems in water vials or heavy plastic bags filled with floral foam powder, available at floral supply stores.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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