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How to Brighten a Dark Room

February 28, 2018

Short winter days and overcast skies can make homes in Fortson GA seem dark and dreary during the late winter. If your home has a room or two that needs to be brightened, here are some tips that can help:


  1. First, check outside to make sure nothing is blocking the windows in the room. Is there an awning, tree or vine that can be removed or altered to let more light into the window? If not, or if a more permanent structure is shading the window, focus on indoor fixes.
  2. Increase the lighting. First, try adding table and floor lamps. Use translucent shades on lamps and keep shades and bulbs clean. Floor lamps with bulbs that shine toward both ceiling and floor will add plenty of light without taking up much space.
  3. Clean the windows and use lighter window treatments. If you need privacy, try sheer curtains. If possible, keep blinds and draperies open to welcome the sunshine.
  4. Paint the room a bright, cool white. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling, too! Use flat, satin or eggshell paint for more even light reflection.
  5. Lighten the floors. If you have dark hardwood floors, consider refinishing them in a lighter color. Switch out dark tile or carpet for lighter versions. If you don’t want to make permanent changes, add a light-colored area rug or several large throw rugs.
  6. Install mirrors. Large mirrors, especially when placed directly across from windows, will reflect the light and visually expand the room. A grouping of smaller mirrors will help to accomplish the same result.
  7. Use shiny accessories and surfaces to reflect light. Polished metal, glazed ceramic or glass accessories will add to a room’s glow.
  8. Use light colored furniture. Dark wood furniture that isn’t a valuable antique can be painted in lighter colors. Upholstered pieces can be recovered in lighter fabric or slipcovers. Sleek shapes, glass tabletops and clear acrylic pieces help to lighten the look of a room.
  9. Reduce clutter. Lots of “stuff” can make a room feel claustrophobic, as can large, overstuffed furniture.
  10. Open doors to adjoining rooms. This can let in more light and expand the visual field.


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