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9 Ways to Keep Your New House Clean

January 24, 2019

Keeping new homes in Auburn AL clean is much easier than you think. Instead of letting chores build up, do a little at a time to keep your home in top shape.

Here are 9 steps that can help you maintain that new-house feel:

  • Start by making your bed every day. This not only makes your home look cleaner, but it helps you get your day off to a productive start.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors daily, especially if you have pets. Use a lightweight cordless stick vacuum or a microfiber dust mop for quick once-overs. Use a larger vacuum and/or a wet mop weekly for a deeper clean.
  • Master the laundry cycle. Have a hamper in every bathroom or bedroom. Make sure family members put their dirty clothes directly into the hampers. Wash clothes often to keep loads from piling up.
  • Wash dishes every day. If you have a dishwasher, empty it every morning and reload it as you use dishes throughout the day.
  • Clean kitchen surfaces daily. Put away clutter and wipe down countertops, tables, the sink area and stovetop.
  • Keep pet areas clean. Clean litterboxes and wash pet bowls daily. Wash their beds and toys once a week. If you allow your pets on the furniture, vacuum daily. Don’t forget to clean the pets themselves! Brush or comb pets daily to reduce shedding and make your other cleaning chores easier. Bathe dogs as needed to control odors.
  • Once a week (or daily if someone in your house is sick) use a disinfecting wipe to clean doorknobs, remotes, cabinet pulls, faucet handles, light switches and other frequently touched areas.
  • Use throw rugs and doormats at entrances to catch incoming dirt. Instill the habit of leaving shoes at the door.
  • Rather than doing one big “spring cleaning” each year, cycle through the rooms in your house on a rotating schedule. Aim for one room a month, deep-cleaning and decluttering as you go.

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