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7 Ways to Make Holiday Guests Feel at Home

December 16, 2017

During the holidays, people will travel from all over the world to stay with friends and relatives in their Midland GA homes. Here are seven ways hosts can make holiday guests feel at home:

  1. Keep their comfort in mind. Put cozy flannel or fleece sheets on the guest bed and top it with a warm comforter or quilt. Make sure the room will be warm enough at night and that guests can close blinds or draperies to block outdoor light if they wish.
  2. Provide space for their things. Make room in the closet and stock it with plenty of hangers. Have at least two empty dresser drawers available, especially if guests are staying more than one night. Have a sturdy surface available for suitcases and overnight bags.
  3. Show them where the light switches are in the bedroom, hallway and bathroom. A nightlight in the bathroom is a nice touch to make those late-night calls of nature a little safer and easier for your guests.
  4. Make snacking simple. Assemble a collection of fruit, granola bars, small bags of chips and even candy in a conspicuous spot in the kitchen. Let guests know they are welcome to anything in the bowl, and let them know what items in the refrigerator are up for grabs. Have their favorite drinks on hand and show them how to make coffee or tea. Leave a few water bottles or a pitcher of water and glasses in their room as well.
  5. Offer reading material. Stack a few appropriate books, magazines or local newspapers by the bedside, along with information about any local attractions your guests might like to visit.
  6. Help them connect. Let them know how to get online through your internet service. Consider writing your wifi password on a notecard and placing it by the bedside.
  7. Have extra toiletries handy. Stock your guest bathroom with sample-size shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste, along with extra toothbrushes and razors. This is also a good time to put out those fancy soaps and nice towels you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

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