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7 Chic Laundry Room Ideas

August 1, 2015

Make your bland laundry room go from blah to beautiful! Here are some trendy ideas to liven up one of the most forgotten rooms in the home.


Our Vintage Home Love

Keep it simple by adding natural wood shelves with iron accents for a rustic look. Use glass jars to replace bulky detergent boxes. They will become a functional decor pieces for your laundry room.



Add a little pizzazz to your small laundry room with a little color. Here is an easy and wallet-friendly way to do it. Add a fun printed curtain to not only hide the under the sink mess but also pull your laundry room together.



Add a subway tile wall, counter top and shelves for a functional and clean space to do your laundry. The shelves are great for storage and the smooth counter top is a perfect place to fold your clothes. The tiles wall will be easy to wipe down.


Artistic Designs for Living

Make a statement in one of the beautiful new homes in Columbus, GA by using a bold color to make your laundry room come alive. These apple green color cabinets makes a bright and inviting space.


The Coffee Shop Blog

This farmhouse laundry room is a quaint space to wash your linens and clothes. The mix of floral patterns along with apothecary glass jars for washing powders gives this room an antique feel.


NW Interior Designs

This Mod inspired Laundry Room is a sleek way to use a small space. The metallic partition takes your focus off of the mechanical boxes and on the beautiful metallic back drop.


Live Creating Yourself

Here is a vintage inspired laundry room that incorporates cool colored glass bottle filled with fabric softener and detergent. The bottles are great for storage as well as a great focal piece. The adjustable utilitarian light fixture and farmhouse sink coupled with the warm baskets really brings the vintage look together.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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