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6 Tips for Taking a Kid Fishing in Georgia

August 26, 2018

Family-friendly fishing is within easy reach of new homes in Columbus GA. Opportunities to catch panfish, catfish and bass abound in the area’s many waterways.

When taking your kids fishing, opt for a family-friendly setting. Good options include Cooper Creek Park and Flat Rock Park, which have playgrounds and picnic areas in addition to fishing. Lake Oliver Marina has even more amenities, with a bait and tackle shop, concessions and a small store.

Here are 6 tips for making the most of a fishing day with kids:

  1. Put the kids first. You might be itching to sit back and relax while you fish with the kids, but if they’re young you’ll be spending most of your time helping them. Keep your patience. You’ll have plenty of time to fish alongside them as they get older.
  2. Follow the law. Children under 16 don’t need a license to fish in Georgia, but you may need a license to help them. Check the official regulations for details.
  3. Give them the right equipment. Provide your child with a good-quality rod and reel for their size. A well-made 5-6 foot rod can last until their early teen years. A basic spincast combo will be the easiest for most kids to use.
  4. Pick a good fishing spot. Choose a place where you can easily get to the water’s edge and that is safe for kids. You’ll also want a spot with plenty of fish. Most kids would rather pull bluegills out of a pond all day than to wait hours beside a lake to catch one big bass. Put a bobbin on the line so they can easily tell when a fish is biting.
  5. Fish in the morning or evening. This is when the fish bite best. It also keeps kids out of the midday heat.
  6. Take extra supplies. Have plenty of bait and extra tackle on hand. Pack some snacks and drinks in a cooler. Add a damp rag or odor-free sanitizing wipes for quick clean-ups.

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