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5 Things To Do When You Start To Decorate A Room

March 5, 2015

new homes in Georgia

If you live in one of the beautiful new homes in Georgia you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed when thinking about decorating your new home. On one hand, you can’t wait to get started but on the other hand you can. Where do you begin? Here are five things to think about before you start decorating.


First determine your decorating budget that may help you to decide which room to start with first. Most people like to focus on redecorating the high traffic areas first because those are the areas that visitors will see. If your budget is smaller you want to choose the room that is going to be the most inexpensive to redecorate, then as your budget grows move to the next room. Once you come up with you budget add on a couple hundred dollars for cushion, for that item you just can’t pass up.

Scan the Room

Once you have decided on which room to redecorate based on your budget, try scanning the room. Inside the room you want to decorate close your eyes, then open them and look around the entire room for 3 seconds. Now write down the things that bothered you the most. Use these things as your starting point.


Determine the design style you want to use. Is it French Provencal, Modern, Eclectic? If you do not know what style you would like, research pictures displaying each style. This will help you pick out elements and furniture for your room. Based on the style you choose you may find that your existing furniture works with your chosen style or you may need to add a couple of updated pieces.


Choose a color scheme for your room. You can find inspiration almost anywhere. It may a painting, a fabric or a something on Pinterest. Try to use colors within the same family to keep your room from looking too chaotic when using multiple colors. Once you have chosen your scheme you can decide which color will be your dominant hue and use the other two colors as your accent colors.


If the thought of committing to a color for your walls breaks you out into hives, never fear! You can go with a neutral color on your walls and accessorize your room with color. Use colorful decorative pillows, rugs, throws, artwork and other decorative elements to add pops of color.

If you are looking for a reason to decorate, check out the new homes in Georgia today!

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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