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5 Design Trends to Inspire You for Your New Home

July 31, 2017

Homes in Columbus GA

Do you follow home design trends? If you’re buying one of the homes in Columbus GA, you’ve probably got home décor on the mind already. We’ve pulled together five of the hottest décor trends to inspire you, especially if you want to try something new to fit your new space.

Modern Farmhouse – Just like the name implies, this design trend brings together rustic and modern into one cohesive style. One way to incorporate this in your home is to mix comfortable furniture with salvaged materials like reclaimed wood. White walls, clean lines, a neutral palette and touches of gold and metallic, with subtle pops of color work to offer a fresh take on the farmhouse look.

Subtle Boho – The traditional bohemian style is all about lots of colors, patterns and prints mixed into one. The new take on this décor is to start with a more neutral palette, such as a white couch, and then layer in boho accents in earthy, muted tones. Add in a bunch of plants and textures and you’ll have a fresh, organic, bohemian vibe.

Traditional, Yet Eclectic – One way to give a traditional style more of a modern twist is to incorporate some eclectic variations, such as streamlined minimalist lighting, or an abstract piece of art. The choices you make should reflect your unique personality.

Art Deco – If you love vintage style, one trend that’s growing in popularity right now is an Art Deco look. This décor incorporates geometric patterns, retro upholstered furniture, along with gold and metallic accents. When you combine these elements in the context of a white room, you’ll get a lighter and brighter effect that’s sophisticated, and not overly formal.

Sophisticated and Organic – Many interior designers are using more organic elements like rattan, wool, wood, feathers, and brass accents in their room designs. Mixing these materials with a neutral color palette based around whites, cream, beige and gray tones will give your room a sophisticated, yet casual look for everyday living.

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