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August 23, 2016

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How to Easily Turn Your Bedroom into a Stylish Sanctuary

Are you buying one of the homes for sale in Forston GA this year? Moving into a new house gives you the opportunity to try some new decorating techniques. One place to start is the bedroom. You can always splurge on new bedspreads, linens, window treatments and furniture. Or you can easily transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary with some well-placed art. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

Photo Opp – Add drama to an otherwise bare wall by hanging a strong photo over your bed.

Color Coordination – Coordinate colors in a painting hung over your bed with a pair of pillow shams. For example, a white bedspread with gold shams would bring out the gold in a piece of art work without being too matchy-matchy.

Gallery Wall – Create visual interest on one bedroom wall with a gallery of prints. All eyes will be on the wall when it features an array of pictures set in different sized black frames and white mats.

Symmetry – Give your guest room an elegant touch by hanging two works of art in identical frames above the headboard.

Asymmetry – A pair of paintings placed off-center above a bed lends a different type of visual interest to a guest bedroom.

Bold Combinations – Do you love a variety of artistic styles? Don’t be afraid to show them off in your bedroom. An eclectic combination of modern and old art work makes for an interesting display. You can even frame one of your child’s artistic gems and hang it on the wall next to your other favorite pieces.

Bookshelf Displays – If you have bookcases in your bedroom, use this opportunity to display small paintings and sculptures on the shelves alongside your favorite books.

Mix Up Sizes – Give your bedroom a true artistic treatment by hanging a painting that covers an entire wall. Balance it out by placing a much smaller work on the wall adjacent to it.

Matching Widths – Are you a fan of minimalism? Hang a single piece of art that spans the width of your headboard.

Pyramid-Shaped Gallery Wall – Hang several photos or paintings on the wall above the bed in a pyramid shape to create an interesting display.

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