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10 Ways to Give Your Patio a Quick Makeover

June 25, 2016

give your patio a quick makeover
Summer is a popular time of year for families to enjoy the great outdoors. Heading to your local park for a picnic can be a fun way to spend the day. Or you can simply spend a lazy afternoon on your back patio. If your outdoor space needs a pick-me-up to be truly comfortable, try out one of these ideas to give your patio a quick makeover.

Secret Garden Bench – Bask in the beauty of your backyard garden with the addition of a pillow covered bench surrounded by billowing potted plants.

Entertaining a Crowd – Do you have a big family, or a lot of friends to entertain for a backyard BBQ? Set up heavy-duty, concrete-block pillars in an L-shape and top them off with wood planks to create a sturdy, weatherproof table and buffet to accommodate a sizable crowd.

Light Statement – Create outdoor lighting that makes a statement by using ordinary objects like large glass jars or open-weave baskets as shades for an overhead pendant. Hanging several of these shades, instead of just one, gives the fixtures even more of a spotlight.

Eye-Catching Container – Add visual interest to a patio doorway, corner or path with the addition of a tall garden container spiked with bright blooms. A black and white pot is a timeless choice that can be even more eye-catching when filled with sunny yellow flowers.

Formal Dining Out – Dress up your outdoor dining table with the same flourishes and luxuries you normally feature indoors. Cloth linens, dazzling centerpieces and real glassware will transform a casual dinner outside into something truly elegant.

Not Too Fancy Florals – Wildflower bouquets are a lovely way to brighten up your tabletop. Instead of choosing fancy vases, place flowers in a mix of mason jars and old jelly jars for a simple, breezy effect.

Outdoor “Rug” – Give your garden a makeover with the addition of an inexpensive “rug” made of natural materials. Carefully arrange concrete bricks and various shades of smooth river rocks to create the illusion of a flowered rug.

Glowing Gazebo – Transform a gazebo into a twinkling wonderland with lighting from several sources: strings of bulbs, candle chandeliers, solar-powered landscape lights, battery-operated lanterns and overhead fixtures.

Cork it – Next time you polish of a bottle of wine, save the cork! You can pair it with a length of twine to corral flyaway curtains on a patio or porch.

Succulent Display – Create an ultra-slim, portable, vertical succulent garden out of a shallow shadow box. Choose plants that need similar amounts of sun and water, and vary the color and leaf texture for the most eye-catching display.

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